St. Michael Catholic Church

Stewardship of Time


Stewardship of Time: Prayer

Just as our bodies need healthy physical nourishment to survive and thrive, so, too do our spiritual lives require nourishment. We are called to use the gift of time above all to nourish our souls. So, we must

take an honest look at ourselves. Do we put our spiritual life first, or do we focus more on the cares of the world or on escape from those cares? Do we use our time to obtain the lasting “food” of good spiritual nourishment that Christ and the Church offer to us? When we commit time each day to seeking spiritual food, our loving and generous Father will transform our lives. How will you commit to use your time in the year ahead so that God can truly feed you? 

Consider these ideas to help you get started:

  • Attending one extra Mass each week, making a mid-week visit to Jesus in the tabernacle, or attending Eucharistic Adoration.
  • Prepare yourself for Sunday Mass by reflecting ahead of time as a family on the lectionary readings that will be proclaimed. Even five or 10 minutes will change you!
  • Commit to saying grace before meals and have every family member mention one way they were “fed” by God that day.
  • Every night before bed, pray slowly and lovingly the prayer that Jesus Himself taught us, the Our Father.