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Ever have questions about the Faith? Ever been asked those hard hitting questions like "Why do you pray to Mary or the Saints?" or "What is the Eucharist?" Ever want to listen to those awesome CD's found in our Church or want a good solid movie to watch at home with the family?

Come get FORMED with the rest of us here at St. Michael Catholic Church. No matter if you have young children, teenagers or you are looking for yourself, this resource is for YOU! Did we mention that you get access to all of this for the price of FREE? Yes... FREE! So here is how you gain access to this amazing Catholic Netfix:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Click "I belong to a Parish or Organization
  4. Enter your Parish Code: f8c471
  5. Create your FREE account by entering your name and email address

Where to Start:

Follow along with the Liturgical Year

Questions, contact Robin Harris, Director of Faith Formation, 817.510.2726 or Click Here to Email.

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