St. Michael Catholic Church

Pastoral Advisory Council

The Pastoral Advisory Council (PAC) is a visionary group charged with many tasks, including supporting and advising our Pastor on issues relating to Parish life, growth and opportunities, recognizing the Pastor makes the final decisions.  The PAC consists of 12 members (as of 2022), who are all parishioners and who are involved in at least one other ministry within the Parish. The members are selected through a discernment process.  PAC meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 PM.  The PAC members serve three-year terms.  A third of the membership is replaced every year.

Current members:  James Brown, Maria Chacon, Jeanette Cole, Michelle Cota, Larry Dahm, Malia Duffy, Ralph Escobedo, June Jovero, Louise Molinar, Alex Nathan and Tom Roarick

Council Facilitator: James Brown, Click Here to Email


James Brown
Maria Chacon
Jeanette Cole
Michelle Cota 
Larry Dahm

Ralph Escobedo
Malia Duffy
June Jovero

Louise Molinar
Alex Nathan
Tom Roarick