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Health and Wellness Ministry Mission

The Health and Wellness Committee is composed of register nurses, professionals in the health care field, and people committed to the wellness of the person not only physically but also the mind and spirit. This committee finds ways to bridge gaps in care with a strong health promotion and illness prevention emphasis. Also, the committee works towards keeping parishioners of all ages well, to educate them, to advocate for them, and to care for them.

The committee offers help to people of all ages understand their health conditions and medications (service opportunities will be offered for specific health issues). Also, offers preventive advice regarding common health concerns.  It is possible for individuals to learn to support and fortify their bodies, modifying emotions and enhancing spiritual practices to prevent or alter a response to disease.


Active RN, M.D. or similar credentials
Professional Health Provider
Anyone interested in helping people live a healthy life


A. Integrator of Faith and Health  
In all activities and contacts, the committee strives to promote the understanding of faith and health.

B. Health Educator
Promotes an atmosphere where individuals of all ages, through a variety of educational activities, explores the relationship between values, attitudes, life style, and health.

C. Referral Agent
Providing resources within and outside the parish.

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm.


Elizabeth Chanoine, LPC-I
Director of Social Outreach

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