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Scheduled Funerals

Irma Raquel Alfaro Marcial

Viewing is Wednesday, November 15, at 1:30 PM, at St. Michael, in the Chapel.

Funeral Mass (not a Memorial Mass) is Wednesday, November 15, at 2:230 PM, at St. Michael, in the Church Sanctuary.  Presider:  Father Jesuraj, SAC.

No livestream.

No reception.

Burial in Lima, Peru.





Funeral Planning

Planning a Funeral Mass for a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences we will face. St. Michael offers you a step by step guide to help you prepare for either your own funeral Mass or the funeral Mass of a loved one. PLEASE NOTE: If you are pre-planning your own Funeral Mass, please place a copy of the Funeral Planning Guide indicating your preferences, with your other important final documents.

When a loved one is seriously ill…

Please call the parish office at 817.283.8746 and request a priest to visit to give the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. The parish office can also make arrangements for an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to visit your loved one, pray with them, and give them Holy Communion.

When a death occurs…

Please call the Liturgy office at 817.510.2724.   

Area Funeral Homes:

Bluebonnet Funeral Home
Forest Ridge Funeral Home
Lucas Funeral Home

To assist you in the funeral planning process, download St. Michael’s Funeral Planning Guide.


Fr. Jesuraj
Director of Liturgy

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