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Have you been named a Godparent/Sponsor? Congratulations! This is an incredible honor and we are so excited that you have sad "Yes" to this important role in this child's life both Spiritually and here on earth. Here is everything you need to know about being a Godparent!

It is acceptable to choose only one Godparent for your child; however, that person must be an active, practicing Catholic. If desire to have two godparents, the Cannon Law requires that there be one male and one female.


The Godparents/Sponsors must meet the following criteria:

+ Be at least 16 years of age.

+ Must be a fully initiated Catholic (baptized, confirmed and received Eucharist) and

+ Be married by the Catholic Church or living single.


Godparents/Sponsors documents:

+ Complete the Certificate to serve as Godparent/Sponsor and bring it to our Formation Offices. The document takes, at least 2 regular office weeks to be processed. We will contact you back when its ready.



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Director of Faith Formation

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