St. Michael Catholic Church

Ministry Leaders

Thank you

Thank you for responding to the call to serve as a leader in our community!  Thanks to grateful hearts like yours, our community is thriving!  Forming disciples through stewardship is our mission and your role within this mission is paramount.

As a leader, you play such an important part in transforming our entire parish
into a community of disciples committed to the stewardship way of life.

Stewardship Renewal

Ministry List Follow-up:

StewardshipPro is the online application used by our parish to help you receive and track information about those interested in joining our parish ministries.  Specifically, it is a tool to facilitate follow-up during our annual Stewardship Renewal. 

Click the link to access your ministry list.  Stewardship Pro


All ministries need to submit the ministry renewal form annually, please click the link to print the form.  Ministry Renewal Form

As you prepare to reach out to the parishioners who have expressed an interest in joining your ministry, consider a few things:

  1. You are an ambassador of the Church and our parish. You may be the only person from the parish who has ever personally contacted these people.
  2. Reaching out to interested parishioners is perhaps the most important aspect of the Stewardship Renewal. Parishioners who don't receive a call about their interest in a ministry will feel like the parish doesn't care about them.
  3. Recruitment is an essential element of your job as a ministry leader. Assisting people in putting their faith into action will help them grow in their lives as disciples.
  4. Personal contact is one of the goals of this follow-up. Be persistent and don't simply leave a message on an answering machine.
  5. Use this contact to help people discern if this is the right ministry for them. Not every person on your list will become involved in your ministry. Some will find that it is different than they expected; others will simply not be able to make the meetings at certain times; still others may have unintentionally checked a ministry. In these cases, your call will be about communicating that the parish cares about them as part of the parish family and that there may be other ministries and/or times that are better suited for them.

Thank you for your leadership in the parish!


Ann Ness
Stewardship Liaison

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Ingredients for a Successful Ministry

While personal development and growth are most certainly important, it is also necessary for leaders to look outward and focus on the needs of others. 

Bringing people to a closer relationship with Christ

"Build Bridges, Not Walls" - This quote from Pope Francis outlines the central mission of any parish ministry.  Regardless of the work we set out to accomplish, the ultimate measure of success should be determined by how welcoming and hospitable we are.  The most successful ministries are not the ones that raise the most money or complete the most work - but those that open the door for all who seek God's presence and which help them connect with Christ in meaningful ways.


Guest Speaker Forms

Incident Report Form

Confidential Notice of Concern Form

Answering the Call

Before any leader-in-training can serve effectively, he or she must first look inward, at himself or herself, and build a foundation for service.  Some leaders are born, but most are made - it takes humility, passion, courage and lots of patience. For service in our parish, it also takes a willingness to continuously seek guidance from the Holy Spirit.

A Leader will...
  • Attend Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days
  • Participate in the annual Stewardship Renewal - a yearly opportunity to reflect upon God's presence in our lives, and seek to take the next step deeper in faith through commitments to time, talent and treasure.
  • Promptly reach out to parishioners that have expressed interest in their ministry through the annual Stewardship Renewal.
  • Be focused on providing ministry participants the tools and support needed to achieve success.
  • Set expectations for those in the ministry.
  • Be open to new ideas and willing to grow the ministry.
  • Communicate effectively with parish leadership councils.
  • Encourage and train others to seek leadership roles in their ministry to ultimately be a replacement.
  • Be humble.  Stay positive. Practice excellent hospitality.  Work to lead people to Christ.
  • Share their faith intentionally with friends, family and other parishioners.

Interested in starting a new ministry at our Parish?

Click here to submit information about your ministry request.