St. Michael Catholic Church

Stewardship of Talent


Your talent is God's gift to you.  What you do with your talent is your gift to God.

Every year parishioners are invited to recommit to a ministry they are already involved with or commit to a new ministry.  Please prayerfully discern which ministries God is calling you to, while taking into consideration your unique gifts.

Committing our God-given talents to ministry at St. Michael Catholic Church is just as important as Stewardship of Time and Stewardship of Treasure. It is how we gratefully give back to God in thanksgiving for the talents He has given us.  There are many needs within our faith community that affords us the opportunity to give. Don’t let your talents “die on the vine.”  By giving of your talents, we can support our parish’s efforts to carry out the mission Christ gave us.


Make a Difference — Share Your Talent

Click Here for the Online Commitment Card. 

Are you a Ministry Lead?  Here's the link for your volunteer list.

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