St. Michael Catholic Church


What Are Households?

Households are an upperclassmen discipleship formation aimed to further form and equip Confirmed Juniors and Seniors to respond to Jesus' invitation to "Come follow me" (Matthew 4:19). During their lives, Jesus has and will continue to invite them into an intimate relationship with Him. Our Household Small Groups allow for our Juniors and Seniors to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through developing a prayer life, being formed in Christ's teachings and experiencing authentic Catholic Community with their Household brotherhood or sisterhood.

All households are built upon four pillars; Prayer, Sacramental Life, Formation in Faith and Community. These pillars play a significant role in the formation of the Household members each week. 

What is the Commitment?

Each Household will meet on Sunday's at the Parish during the regularly scheduled Life Teen gathering or at a time that works best for your Household. Each Household is led by two Adult Mentors and we ask that ALL Household members attend 3 of the 4 gatherings a month. This enables a Household  to grow in community, trust and vulnerability in a spiritual and tangible way. This commitment from members allows for the Household to be challenged, hold each other accountable and build up their relationships with Jesus Christ and their brotherhood or sisterhood.

Household Metanoia Retreat

Every year our Household members will be invited to attend the Metanoia Retreat, which is sponsored and run by the Diocese of Fort Worth. This is a week long retreat (Sunday through Friday) that gives participants the opportunity to grow in their daily prayer life, build relationships with other disciples of Christ from all over the Diocese and gain the confidence to become a leader in our own Parish Community. This retreat is only open to those youth that are members of a Household.


Bobby Moren

Coordinator of Youth Formation

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