St. Michael Catholic Church

Households (11 - 12 grade)

Households (11 - 12 grade)


What Is Household Youth Ministry?

Our Household small groups are designed for our Juniors and Seniors or any teenager that has already received their Confirmation. Our households are made up of 5-6 teens and two adults of the same gender. The studies of the Households are created to grow in community as brothers and sisters in Christ, grow in relationship with Christ and help prepare the teens to hold onto and thrive in their faith once they graduate high school.

Our Households will meet weekly, but not on a specific scheduled day. This will be decided on the availability of the Household members, but each Household will meet here at the Parish. This is designed so that teens who have jobs, extra curricular activities and other obligations, will still be able to have an opportunity to continue on in their journey of faith with their peers and stay connected here at the Parish. The Households will also participate in service projects, social events, catechesis session, Mass and the Sacraments and other Faith Formation events and are eligible to attend our Summer Series and Summer Retreat.

What are the Households?

We have SIX Households. We have Kateri, Frassati, Theotokos, Lion of Judah, Little Flowers, and Knights of Christ. Houses that are made up of multiple small groups. These Households are made up of different traditions and all carry with them a different Charism. Each year we will have specific nights designed for all the small groups to compete for the St. Michael House Cup and for their House to be etched into History onto the cup. These Households are designed to be small and intimate so that your teen may create a brotherhood or sisterhood community that will help them become solid Catholic men and women in this world, not just during the High School years.

How to Start a Household?

For most of our teens, their household is selected in 6 or 7th grade and they remain with their small group leader until they graduate High School. If you are currently a Junior or Senior and are looking to join a Household, all you need to do is to gather a group of 5 or 6 friends together of the same grade and gender and TWO adults who would be Safe Environment Trained (or willing to go through the program) and a solid mentor of the Catholic Faith. Then reach out to our Youth Minister to set up a small group teen and parent meeting. 

 For more information or to set up a new small group, contact Bobby Moren, youth minister, at 817.510.2715 or Click Here to Email