St. Michael Catholic Church

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry


Establishing the "roots" for Youth Ministry at St. Michael's. EDGE is designed for 6-7 grade and is all about learning "Who" God is and about His Church through opening up Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


Becoming a disciple means we must first have a relationship. Teen Life is here to help the 8-12 grade teens grow into a personal relationship with Christ and His Church and to offer an opportunity for the youth to encounter Christ.

How do we continue to be disciples? We learn from mentors and peers. Households are for Confirmed teens, who are seeking fellowship and becoming more involved in living out the Mission of the Church as an Intentional Disciple of Jesus Christ.

 Learning the faith, Growing in Relationship with Christ and becoming a Disciple is NOT just for the Teens! Find many resources for you the Parents through our access to Parent Life powered by Life Teen!

 Parish code: michael76021

Youth Ministry is the duty of the Parish! We have many needs and teens to share the Gospel with. Please consider volunteering with us! 

St. Michael Youth Ministry is creating a welcoming environment for our diverse youth to grow into lifelong Catholics, who are well prepared to proclaim the Gospel and seek Sainthood through intentional Discipleship of Jesus Christ.