St. Michael Catholic Church

Staff Member: Brenda Garza Marroquin

Staff Member: Brenda Garza Marroquin

Brenda Garza Marroquin

Faith Formation Assistant
Phone: 817-510-2742
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Church and ministry have always been important parts of parishioner Brenda Garza’s life. As a child living in Monterrey, Mexico, she loved singing with the choir and attending weekly catechism classes. Later, as a young adult, she became actively involved in youth ministry and the new evangelization, eventually leading her to Spain where she began doing missionary work. “I started my vocational process and my director at the time asked me what I wanted to do,” Brenda says. “I said that I just wanted to keep working for the Lord. I loved working for the Church because it kept me near Him — I wanted to serve Him. And that’s when I learned about the community in Spain. It was a center that coordinated a lot of evangelization projects. I was also able to use my graphic design background there and it’s where I ended up meeting my husband.”

After getting married, the couple moved to Puerto Rico where Brenda’s husband, Jose, worked for the Archdiocese of Puerto Rico. The couple was also blessed during this time with their five children, currently ranging from ages 1 to 9. Although focused primarily on her domestic mission, Brenda still found time to volunteer for the Church through her husband’s job. “I was always collaborating with and doing freelance projects for the archdiocese,” Brenda says. “This allowed me to continue serving the Church while doing what I needed to do at home with my children.”

Then in July 2019 the Garza family moved here to Bedford, Texas. With her children now older, Brenda began searching for a part-time position that would help provide for her family’s needs while also allowing her to take a more active role in the Church once more. God, in His goodness, provided her with the perfect opportunity through her new position here as our Faith Formation Assistant. “I’m really excited to be able to serve the Church outside of my home again — to be a person who meets and works with people daily who are so engaged with working and spreading the Gospel," Brenda says. Officially starting this past September, Brenda looks forward to continuing to assist and collaborate with her fellow Faith Formation staff members, and to help make the faith come alive for others — whether through Baptismal preparation, Family formation, RCIA, Adult formation or Sacramental preparation. “The community has been so welcoming," Brenda says. "I’m so thankful to be in a place where I can go to Mass with my children and just feel supported. It has already been such a gift.”

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