St. Michael Catholic Church

Staff Member: Rev. Mariya James, SAC

Staff Member: Rev. Mariya James, SAC

Rev. Mariya James, SAC

Associate Pastor
Phone: 817.510.2736
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By now, you have almost certainly seen the bright smile of Rev. Mariya James Susai Manickam, SAC, around our parish! Prior to his arrival in our parish, Fr. James spent several months working alongside Fr. Balaji Boyalla at Our Lady of Lourdes in Mineral Wells. “So far, I’ve met wonderful people in Texas,” Fr. James says. “I was only in Mineral Wells for three months, but it was like I had spent a lot of time there because everyone was so friendly. I see the same kind of people at St. Michael.” Fr. James came to Texas this year from his native India. Growing up in Tamil Nadu in southern India, Fr. James attended Mass regularly with his older brother and devoutly Catholic parents. Church attendance was not simple, however — the village Fr. James grew up in was a “substation” to the main parish, so Mass was only said there once every 15 days. On the other Sundays, his family had to travel by bicycle to get to the parish church. Following his 2014 ordination as a priest in the Society of the Catholic Apostolate (SAC) — an order also referred to as the Pallottines — Fr. James first served in India as an Associate Pastor and as a teacher at the Pallottine seminary before coming to Texas. As an ordained priest, he feels blessed to be able to celebrate Mass, administer the sacraments, and touch the faith lives of others daily. “I just want to be a person who can be approachable, help people in their need, and understand their feelings,” he says. “I’m trying my best to be one with the people here. God really has a purpose for everybody , and I can share God’s blessings with them.”

Photo of Rev. Mariya James, SAC