St. Michael Catholic Church

Staff Member: Rosemary Keeley

Staff Member: Rosemary Keeley

Rosemary Keeley

Nursery Coordinator
Phone: 8i1.510.2717
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Rosemary came from Long Island, New York in 1987. Her faith journey started in 1973. Rosemary was a member of a Charismatic Prayer Group. This experience brought her back to full communion with the Church. She believes that God sent his son, Jesus, so we would know God. Knowing God is a personal way of a faith journey. Rosemary’s power thoughts reflect her faith. 1-Fear is useless; what is needed is trust. 2-WOW means Wisdom Over Worry. Rosemary is very much a flawed and forgiven child of God.

Rosemary’s number one goal is to make sure the children feel happy and safe. As Rosemary explains, “If they feel good when they are at the nursery, if they leave with smiles on their faces, then they will feel good about coming to St. Michael. And we are doing our job well.”

Rosemary also believes that in order for her team to instill the Word and the love of God in these children, the staff must also continue to grow in faith. Nursery staff meetings further their own formation through faith sharing and by reading and reflecting on Gospel readings. This attention to the staff has enabled the nursery to become a stable and constant small faith community.

In fact, one of the most satisfying moments for Rosemary is when she sees a family join St. Michael because of the positive impact the nursery has had on their child. For example, many children first come to the nursery when their parents attended baptism classes. For some parents, this marks a return to the church. By offering a safe and supportive environment to their children, the family is able to feel the Church’s love for them, which encourages them to become a part of the parish family.

Rosemary has had volunteer hours in different ministries, including Feast Day, kitchen, cooking and serving. She has completed a 4-year certificate program at the University of Dallas in Biblical Studies. Rosemary completed the Light of Christ Institute courses with emphasis on Adult Formation: Small Groups. She has acted as a facilitator for the Stewardship Committee. But most of all she loves to share her experiences of God’s presence in her life.

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