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What is YDisciple?

St. Michael YDisciple (Youth Discipleship) is aimed to further form and equip our Parish Youth to respond to Jesus' invitation to "Come follow me" (Matthew 4:19). During their lives, Jesus has and will continue to invite them into an intimate relationship with Him. Our Household Small Groups allow for our Juniors and Seniors to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through developing a prayer life, being formed in Christ's teachings and experiencing authentic Catholic Community with their Household brotherhood or sisterhood.

What is a YDisciple Household?

Each YDisciple Households will have 6-8 teens (same grade, gender and school) and 2 adult mentors. Our Households are built upon four pillars; Prayer, Sacramental Life, Formation in Faith and Community. These pillars play a significant role in the formation and community of the Household members each week.

When Does A YDisciple Household Meet?

Our YDisciple Households will meet every week during the school year. The times and day of the week varies per each Household’s availability. Our Households will meet via Zoom and will have the opportunity to begin meeting in person, when we are given permission to do so.

We ask that all those in Households would commit to meeting every week with their Household. We ask for this commitment because this is much more than just Formation, but your building a brotherhood or sisterhood. This is not possible if you are missing.

Two times a month we will hold a Connect Live Stream Session. These are for all of our youth to come together and have some fun, meet with others in our Parish their own age and for prayer experiences. Those who are not in a Household will be invited to start or join a Household at these events.

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Bobby Moren

Coordinator of Youth Formation

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