St. Michael Catholic Church

TeenLife (8th - 12th Grade)

TeenLife (8th - 12th Grade)



“Remember that you are never alone, Christ is with you on your journey

every day of your lives”

                                                                                         — St. Pope John Paul II


If you are in 8 through 12 Grade and have yet to receive Confirmation, then TEEN LIFE is the place for you! TEEN LIFE is the Faith Formation for High School Teens looking to have a large group experience. TEEN LIFE is all about learning how to create and form a personal RELATIONSHIP with Christ and His Church. We meet regularly on Sundays 2:30pm-4:30pm in the Formation Hall during the school year. Each LIFE NIGHT holds a Catechetical theme and we provide dinner to kick off the night. We also will dive into current topical issues for teens as well as host social nights.



Each year we will have an annual THEME for TEEN LIFE. The 2018 Theme is "HEART OF GOD". We will discover how Jesus Christ is the living Heart of God. We will learn about who God is through the Trinity, and discover the many ways that we can encounter Jesus Christ and the HEART OF GOD through the Sacraments, Mary Our Mother, and each other. 

We will also take time to compete in our annual St. Michael House Cup Competition between our Households, have nights that focus on the current issues in High School and learn about the important Catholic events and Liturgical Seasons during the year.



A beautiful thing about being Catholic is that we are ONE Church, we are ONE family.

In TEEN LIFE we hope to make it possible for teens to grow in community with each other through their Household Small Group, the entire Parish and the Universal Church. Each teen is part of a Household (designated by grade and gender) with the same MENTOR, whom they will stay with until they graduate high school. This is to foster a brotherhood/sisterhood community and allow for every teen to feel as though they have a place in TEEN LIFE and for the rest of their lives. Our Households are Lion of Judah, Kateri, Frassati, Theotokos, Knights of Christ and Little Flowers.

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 Have a Question? Please contact:  Bobby Moren, youth minister, 817.510.2715 or Click Here to Email.