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Return: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church

Return: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church


The Problem:

Are you interested in helping your loved one’s return to their Catholic roots? You’re concerned because they’ve stopped going to Mass. Maybe they found another religion. Perhaps they no longer believe in God. Whatever the case, you want them to return to the Church. ….But the problem is they don’t seem interested.

You would do anything to bring them back, but you have no idea where to begin. Let’s talk! Please join us for a parish series that will help develop techniques and strategies that give practical ideas & proven approaches to help bring them back to the faith.

Every seven years, the Pew Religious Landscape surveys measuring Religious attitudes. The latest study (CAARA- May 2015) shows an increasing rise in no religious affiliation, agnosticism and atheism. These dire results are true for most Christian traditions, but were especially disheartening for Catholics. Three statistics stood out:

  • 50% of young people raised in the Church no longer identify as Catholic today.
  • 79% who leave the Church leave before age 23.
  • 6.45 people leave the Catholic Church for everyone that joins. 

Think about what that means. Over the last 20-30 years, half of the babies you’ve seen baptized, half of the children you’ve seen confirmed, and half of the couples you’ve seen married in the Church are gone—they’re no longer Catholic. Worse, for every person who enters the front door of your parish, 6-7 people are leaving through the back.

This is an epidemic. The Catholic Church is hemorrhaging young people. That’s why Bishop Robert Barron says, “The most significant challenge facing the Catholic Church today is the attrition of our own people.”

What is RETURN?

RETURN is a collection of resources to help parents draw their children back to the Church. It emerged from the real struggles found in family life and the common question and deeply felt problem among Catholic adults: “My son/daughter has left the faith and I’m devastated. What should I do?”

We haven’t done nearly enough to resolve this problem. There are lots of books and programs on keeping our kids Catholic or raising good Catholic children—and obviously these are needed—but we do not have much for parents after their children have already drifted away. The series is aimed at those that are trying to find specific, practical advice with proven tips and strategies to draw family back to the Church.

lpeav1isr7rfg5y38kgzysdzssl.pngRETURN: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church is a collection of resources to help parents draw their children back to the Church. It emerged from my own experience working with countless parents and young people over the years, and is packed with proven, practical advice. The resources include:

  • RETURN Video Course - 16 professionally filmed video lessons with over 220 minutes of HD content. This reveals a complete game plan for drawing your child back.
  •  RETURN paperback book - Companion guide to the Video Course, which builds on its content and features a Foreword by Bishop Robert Barron.

St. Michael parish is hosting a parish study of the RETURN: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Catholic Church. Sessions will be held 2 Thursday evenings per month starting September 6, 2018. Session time is from 7-8 p.m. and the program cost is $15 (material fee). You can sign up online here: RETURN Registration. For more information and questions, please contact Robin Harris, Director of Faith Formation, 817.510.2726 or Click Here to Email.