St. Michael Catholic Church

Parish Mission

Parish Mission


Join us Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, April 29 through May 1, at 7:00 PM, in the Church Sanctuary.  “Reclaim our Catholic Faith for our Families” will be presented by Fr. Linh Nguyen from Lexington, Kentucky.   

The three night mission will recognize the organic grounds of our Catholic identity found in the roots of our faith.  By knowing the roots of faith, we are better able to gain the wisdom on how to live our daily lives.  Our identity in faith allows us to know ourselves in light of Christ, as known in the Eucharist.  

Our relationship with God is known through:

  • our total surrender of self to our community and our family (the Domestic Church);
  • the family of faith shared in the Sacred Liturgy;
  • our witness of faith as lived in the world.

Reception following in the Great Hall.

Nursery will not be provided; so our Parish Staff may attend the Mission.  Thank you. 

Questions, contact Robin Harris, Director of Faith Formation, 817.510.2726 or Click Here to Email

Meet Fr. Linh Nguyen

8kpp3jweroy2oow1g8u9za6esel.pngFather Linh Nguyen is known for his passion, wit, love of people, and a true determination to bring God into every-day lives.  Much of his character is derived from his past experiences as a small child growing up in Vietnam.

Father Nguyen’s parents and their eight children were an aristocratic family in Vietnam.  In 1975, his father and mother were sent to prison as prisoners of war.  All material goods they had, including their home, were taken by the communist government.  Their eight children, the oldest 13 and Father Linh 6, learned to live off the land for months at a time.  

Once his parents were released, the family attempted to escape from Vietnam.  Father Linh, his 3 brothers, sister, and father made it to a refugee camp in Malaysia, and then came to the United States and united with 2 older brothers who escaped in 1979.  The entire family was reunited in 1993 in the United States with his youngest brother and mother.

Father Linh graduated from Holmes High School in Covington, Kentucky, and then the University of Kentucky.  In 1993, Father Linh entered the seminary and studied in Indiana and Chicago.  He was ordained to the priesthood in 1997 for the Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky.  He served as a consultant on National Federation of Priests’ Councils, and IPP. 

In the Diocese, he restructured the Priests’ Ongoing Formation Program and served for 16 years as the director/vicar.  He is currently serving as director/vicar for International Priests, and has reorganized the implementation of ongoing support for incoming international priests in the Diocese.

Father Linh presided over Ss. Peter and Paul in Danville, KY, from 2002 to 2007. He began his tenure at Ss. Francis and John in Georgetown, KY, in August 2007.


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