St. Michael Catholic Church

Adult Catechesis

Adult Catechesis

 Isn’t what I learned in CCD or Catholic School good enough?

Faith is caught and not just taught. In other words it is learned and developed over time and so faith formation is meant  to be a lifelong journey. Our faith is renewed and grace received as we participate regularly in the Holy Mass. Our faith grows when we continue to learn about it and how it applies to our everyday life. How do we do this? Here are some examples of why Faith Formation is so important in our everyday lives!


What do I receive from Adult Formation?

Growth! In relationship; faith and experience. Our experience of relationship with God doesn't stop with our last sacrament preparation class. Our relationship and love for God grows as we regularly participate in the Sacred Liturgy (St. Michael Mass Schedule), the sacramental life and set time to know our personal relationship with God really more in heart and mind.

Many new and exciting opportunities are available including small and large group formats, formal and informal study groups. Contact Robin Harris for more information on how you can connect into the life of the parish and Church by calling Robin Harris: (817)510-2726 or Click Here to Email.

What does St. Michael parish offer?

St. Michael parish Faith Formation strives to offer many options for formation. We try to reach all ages and stages of life through religious education of children, youth, adults and families. Education for adults and families is offered in English and Spanish languages.